Shooting manual mode?

Shooting manual?  Oh dear, are you kidding me? I can't stop laughing!!!
Shooting manual mode?
Oh dear, are you kidding me?
I can’t stop laughing!!!

Imagine a white man on a field. No, not a snowman but a man dressed in white(using a camouflage) trying to take his first photos using his new camera.

Perhaps for you, dear reader, there is nothing to laugh but for this dog was so funny to see a man standing still for minutes waiting for some birds to come.

Well, yes, that man was me and I have got a new camera. And the dog above is one of those many stray dogs we have in this area. They bark all the time when they see me…Sometimes I hate this, other time I know at least I am not alone there.

What’s my new camera?
I will tell you in the following days!

And yes, the dog has many reasons to laugh, the photo above is not one of my best…unfortunately.


6 thoughts on “Shooting manual mode?

    1. Hello! Yes, I’m back. I would like to post more photos.
      In a few minutes I will go for a walk. It’s cloudy here but who knows, perhaps I will find some birds.

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