Low waters

Prahova River, Prahova, Romania | ISO 100 Β  f/5 Β  1/320 s

Tranquil, peaceful, little waves of low waters…

How to find strength when many things around you aren’t so great?
I don’t know the answer but I would gladly listen it if you will tell me.

I have been ill since Tuesday(Christmas Eve) and my hardest period was Thursday when I ate only three bananas, a bit of cheese and drank alot of tea and water.

I dislike these periods, imagine I’m inside the house for about a week, taking no photos of nature… and it seems I will be inside for a couple of days.

Hope you had a better period.

Have a great week!



19 thoughts on “Low waters

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate this.
      Today I was watching some tits and how they were flying around the feeders… I wasn’t able to go out and offer them more food, perhaps tomorrow if I feel better.

  1. No matter how low the water there are still currents pushing & pulling so you are still in the stream of life. Go with the flow is a rather old fashioned phrase but it still holds true. Eat & drink, little & often. Soon it will be a new year with new situations, new vistas.

  2. Poor Cornel! I hope you are better soon. That’s not the best way to spend Christmas. Remember there is always a high tide after low water! πŸ™‚ Look forward to the New Year, the spring, and lots of new challenges! And meanwhile, wrap up warm and keep drinking lots!

      1. That could have something to do with it! Aren’t artists are supposed to suffer, in a romantic fashion, to achieve their best work?! Have a good night and get better soon!

  3. Get well soon and ease back into things slowly. I can sense your feelings of frustration at not being able to be outdoors. Hang in there and before long this will be behind you.

  4. to be honest I wasn’t much better – I was on 6 penicillin tablets for 10 days – extremely sore and uncomfortable – fortunately I a firing on all cylinders now – take care young Sir

    1. I’m sorry to hear this…I was on 2 oxacillin tablets for 5 days (it seems your illness was longer and more painful).
      Now I’m better, thank you for your comment.
      Hope you are feeling better now, too.

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