Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
(Emberiza citrinella)

The Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) is a bird around about 16 centimeters long. The male has brown back and bright yellow head. The female is much duller, and more streaked below. In the photograph above we have a female.

Its diet consists of cereal seeds and some insects.

This bird loves open areas, especially those with small trees. In winter form small flocks.

During winter, this is my favourite bird and during summer bee eater it’s my favourite one!


16 thoughts on “Yellowhammer

    1. Hard? Very hard!
      You know how many photos of Yellowhammers I have, so yes, it was so hard for me to choose only one for this post. But I think I will post more these days. 🙂
      Since last week we have here only rain and clouds. I feel depressed, I know plants need water but I would like at least one hour of sun per day. 😦
      I want to go on fields, to take photos…

      1. I know! It’s raining here and I feel the same. Sometimes I meditate for 10 minutes or so and imagine I am just sitting in a meadow on a beautiful sunny day – that really helps! The rain won’t go on forever – remember that! 🙂
        Looking forward to more of your posts!

        1. I try to imagine things like me bicycling on nice dusty roads, seeing birds, listening water streams, but I’m afraid it does not help me for a long while. Yes, the rain won’t go on forever but for a long time yes! 😀

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