Corn Bunting

Corn Bunting  (Emberiza calandra)
Corn Bunting
(Emberiza calandra)


Another bird from bunting family Emberizidae. This bunting is a bit larger than Yellowhammer.

Its diet consists of insects(for young birds) and seeds.

It breeds on the ground, its nest is made from grass. Loves open areas, especially those with small trees.

During winter I see small flocks of Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings.

In the photo above you see a Corn Bunting trying to eat a wheat seed.



4 thoughts on “Corn Bunting

  1. Another great pic! I think I’ve seen Corn Buntings but we don’t get them much here. I’ve seen Reed Buntings, and Yellowhammer (which were much more common than they are now).

    1. I have seen only two Reed Buntings (I will post these days one picture which is not so sharp like this, but I like it) until now. It’s easier to notice Corn Buntings and Yellowhammers here than other buntings but I can’t wait the summer to take photos of them.

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