Old houses


Last year I had the chance to explore some hills from Suceava County. This county is around 500 km far away from the place I live. It has many hills, mountains and all sort of things I never seen here.

Fortunately, I was alone during some trips. Why am I saying ‘fortunately’? Because so many times, when you are alone you are able to observe more things than when you have company.

Well, these aren’t houses but a sort of shelters for shepherds and their flocks. I think they aren’t used for several years. But I noticed the grass was cut and this makes me sure that someone is coming there from time to time.

The action of time is evident…

Maybe this post isn’t showing beauty but still, this is a part of life and a part of my country and I think this might be interesting for some people.







Old oven.


8 (192)
Two beds and a chair…and a lot of dust.


Door locking system. (1)


Door locking system. (2)


An old recipient made from glass and covered with knitted willow branches (I am not sure if it is willow or another plant).







Another shelter. Almost destroyed.


Another shelter. Interesting binding of wood pieces.



9 thoughts on “Old houses

  1. It’s good to have your great eye for photography back again! The buildings may be falling apart, but they still show the simple lifestyle of their times, and they are in a beautiful area.

  2. Great pics, Cornel! I wonder how long ago these places were abandoned. Even the details have their own interest. I like the ‘door locking system’!

    1. I don’t know when they were abandoned but I guess this moment was more than 10-15 years before. I have no information about this.
      About locking systems, I was amazed to notice that many people in that area are using this sort of systems. It seems they are not afraid of thieves. Many of them are old people and believe that God protect their belongings.

  3. Great shots. Old derelict buildings are always fascinating–the imagination can go wild picturing the lives and events that happened within their walls. Every building has so many stories!
    Taking pictures of barns, cabins, and vintage architecture are some of my favorite subjects!

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