Our heros, my heroes


It was a nice autumnal morning. After a short driving through forests we reached the peak of a mountain where a Monastery was built a few decades ago. I entered the yard and stayed for a couple of hours inside the Church and attended Divine Liturgy. After that I went out and had a walk through the yard. Suddenly I noticed three crosses and I became curious. I walked that part and I was amazed by the sight: on each cross was an iron helmet.
You know well all those great Memorials, and so do I, and that’s why I was amazed to see only three small graves with some wooden crosses. First, I didn’t know what to think: is it a sort of piety or is it an offense? After a while I understood: it is a pure and simple way to show respect to our heroes. After all, there, at 1200 meters altitude, it was the best choice to keep it nice and simple.
It seems these graves are in honour of all soldiers who died in First World War and Second War World trying to protect our country.

I went closer to those helmets, I even touched this one below with a sort of piety, with respect. Even if I saw many Memorials and visited museums with artefacts of wars, this encounter was the most powerful to me.

I wonder how hard must be the life of those soldiers who wore these helmets, how many thoughts they had, how many dreams… Wishes, whispers, prayers, fears, tears, sighs, hope… all are gone now.

Too often I don’t realize how important is the sacrifice of our ancestors.
And this is a shame for me.
I admit, I have many faults.


6 thoughts on “Our heros, my heroes

  1. Cornel, if you have faults, lack of sensitivity is not one of them! Those are beautiful photos and I agree that it is a simple but very touching memorial. I don’t think any of us can imagine what horrors those men went through – and maybe we are not meant to, not fully.

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