Some personal remarks

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After I started this blog, I was thinking I was on my road to become a profesional photographer. Stats of the blog were blooming, I had many visitors, many views and I started to think I was pretty good.

Vain glory?

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‘ Yup, vain glory! ‘


I am afraid it was even more(if there is something ‘even more’).

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I started to go on fields, I had many walks and my database of photos was growing, and growing, and really growing…

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Many times I was on a field, hidden in a bush and my heart was beating so fast only thinking how good my pictures were and how important was that SD Card inside my camera. I was dreaming how people will like them and press that L-button,and how my stats will bloom, again, day after day.

photos (21)
‘ Really? ‘


Likes? Shares? Pro? Good photos? Great photographer?

WAKE UP, Cornel!

And I got depressed after I woke up.

I was not a pro, my gear was under the standards, my vision was missing, my skills were lacking.

I was not taking good photos. Many times Auto was my first mode. I didn’t know about rules (‘who needs rules nowadays!?’ I was saying to myself…).

photos (20)

photos (31)

I didn’t received so many likes.

I wasn’t taking photos I liked. I tried to copy photos of Pro Photographers who were receiving thousands of likes and many appreciations.

I was sad only thinking how bad photos I take, how stupid I am and so on.

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But after a while I understood: the most important thing is to take photos as well as you can, doing all your efforts, and following your own vision.

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And so I learned and discovered many things.

I discovered how nice it is to take photos of your family when they are  still with you, not only trying to capture wildlife and say no to family photos.

I was amazed of taking photos of my nephews laughing and playing. It was thrilling to take them photos and it was even more exciting to see them together gathered in front of my computer.

I discovered how some photos taken in various moments  can build new human relationships .

I discovered how well you feel when you get just a blurred photo of a bird after waiting for hours, staying in mud and enduring all the laughs of neighbours, friends, people who thought I was just wasting my time for nothing.

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Last two years I have taken photos of all sort of things, from birds to fences, from doors to my dogs’ tails, from roads to trees around houses, from mice to my neighbours, and so on. And many times I thought I was taking photos like a crazy man. And all this until a while ago  when I was far away from home for several months, and guess what helped me? Yes, my huge database full of all sorts of photos.

photos (23)

Now I am reluctant about sharing my photos with others. I see my photos, I try to write a post here but I delete it after a short while because I think it is unworthy to be read and seen by other people. But I would like to post more even if my photos will be blurred, even if here you’ll find photos of fences and tails.

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photos (3)

photos (4)And sure, a self-portrait isn’t a bad idea at all.

photos (22)
A sort of self -(nose)- portrait.







30 thoughts on “Some personal remarks

  1. Don’t delete anything… It is indeed very hard to stay away from the Automatic setting. Keep on experimenting, Cornel, and have a look at Very good network for photographers of all levels and you can compete in contests. I know other people from WordPress who are on ViewBug as well. Don’t give up!

  2. I always enjoy your posts but it is true that professional photographers have top quality equipment which you may not have. Also they may concentrate on shots that sell while you and I take photographs that appeal to ourselves for various reasons. Keep taking pictures, keep positing, keep sharing.

  3. Shoot what you like, share what you like.There is a good chance that others will like your photos too, but don’t fall in the trap of judging your self-worth by the numbers of likes that you get. You have many wonderful photos, including the ones you have shared in this posting. It’s tough, though, to be able to become a professional photographer, and incredibly difficult to make a living taking photos. I’d suggest that you keep shooting, however, and define success on your own terms. Family photos? They are a great way to share your photos. Your blog? You’ll find a like-minded, supportive community of folks here. Other types of social media or ways to display your creativity? There are a lot of avenues you can choose, short of becoming a full-time professional. Learn and grow and have fun–those are the kind of goals I pursue in my photography. Enjoy your journey with your camera, even if you don’t know for sure where it will take you.

      1. Mike is absolutely right and said everything and more that I wanted to say. The question that matters most is whether you like the photos and whether they fuel the passion that got you taking photos.

  4. You have a wonderful natural eye for photography, I’ve always loved your photos. Remember, the photos may not be the reason that the professionals get so many likes, they promote their blogs constantly. So, ask yourself if you enjoy your photos and shooting them, if you do, keep at it. Then, ask yourself if you want to be a photographer, or a marketing expert, some people can do both, others can’t.

  5. Well, don’t give up Cornel! You have a wonderful artistic eye, and your photos are so very appealing. Like for example, that cute goat . . . It’s just a matter of selfpromotion and getting lucky.
    Your bird shots are fantastic. Your landscapes and images of Romanian life are great . . . have you tried selling to a travel magazine or tourist agency in your country? There are so many ways to go with this. But giving up your dreams would be a mistake. Focus on the marketing–and lots of prayer.

  6. Mie imi plac fotografiile tale, ai talentul sa prinzi “momentul”. 🙂
    Bineinteles, daca vrei sa atingi un nivel profi, ar fi nevoie de aparatura performanta si de studiu. Inscrie-te intr-un club foto, poti invata multe de la colegii de grup.
    Nu sterge nimic, dupa un timp o sa redescoperi fotografiile care initial nu-ti spuneau nimic. Mult succes! 🙂

    1. Mulțumesc frumos pentru comentariu.
      Mă bucur că îți plac unele fotografii postate de mine.
      Uneori, tot comparând fotografiile mele cu ale unor fotografi renumiți am ajuns să mă tem să mai postez, dar treptat îmi revin.

  7. Cornel, do not ever give up on yourself, and I am glad to hear that you have got your ‘vision’ back and are following your heart (and that you are taking snaps of your family as well!) You have a unique creativity that I think can only come with extraordinary sensitivity, and there is probably a downside to that, in that you are sometimes over-critical of yourself. I am so glad you are posting again on WordPress and I love seeing your photos. There is something in them that I rarely see elsewhere, no matter how fancy other people’s equipment might be! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your very kind words.
      Past weeks I’ve been here from time to time, but I didn’t post much and I even didn’t say something on other blogs.
      Sometimes is good to be down, then you see how many beautiful people are around you.
      I have a lot of photos to share with you but I hesitated because of comparisons.
      Can you imagine that almost one year I haven’t posted something here? That’s surprising because in my first year on WordPress I used to post more than three post per day.

  8. Hi Cornel, I have always enjoyed your fresh take and passion of your surroundings. You have a special what I call a “vision” that is very rare. Indeed we creative ones can be our worst critic. I look to others for inspiration but never as a comparison of my abilities. Those folks are in different surroundings and situations so a comparison is not fair to myself. Or to you. Also, just because a person has fancy equipment, it does not make them a good photographer. (my camera is 8 years old and still performs perfectly) Granted, I haven’t posted in a year due mostly to work and family issues but I still have my camera with me. Always looking, always seeing. So my advice to you is, get out there and just be Cornel. It’s what works and what we all love.

  9. The professional photographers were once where you are. What’s different about them is they didn’t give up. That’s the magical part, never give up.

  10. You are a natural at composition. It is something you have inside. What a great, innate gift. You also have a great eye for the drama of the ordinary — like, for example, the fish in the grass, which looks like it belongs there when we all know it shouldn’t be, and yet …..

    Oh, you BETTER NOT stop or WE ARE THE ONES who will be sad!!!

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