Annoyed long-eared owls

long eared owl CAp (15)

Monday we had some unexpected visitors. During the day I’ve heard something but very silent, like a hoo, hoo, hoo. When I first heard that sound I thought there might be some pigeons outside looking for a place where to build their nest. But when I went out,the sound stopped and I returned to my room. After a couple of hours I heard again hoooo, hoo, hoo, hoo. I went out decided to search more carefully those pigeons. After a few minutes I noticed a tall bird standing on a branch in an apple tree located very close to my room.

long eared owl CAp (7)

I returned quickly  inside the house and I grab my camera hoping to find the bird on the same branch.
It was a long-eared owl (Asio otus).

long eared owl CAp (4)

long eared owl CAp (11)

long eared owl CAp (2)

long eared owl CAp (3)

long eared owl CAp (1)
But my biggest surprise was to notice not a single bird but two!

long eared owl CAp (5)
They let me to come quite close to them but when I tried to walk even closer they became annoyed.

long eared owl CAp (6)long eared owl CAp (8)It was an amazing experience for me.



24 thoughts on “Annoyed long-eared owls

    1. Thank you.
      When I was outside I hadn’t enough time to analyze all photos I took because I was sure they will fly soon and I won’t capture all I could. When I returned and I saw the photos of him peeking around the tree I laughed.

    1. Thank you.
      It was a big surprise for me to observe these birds even for a couple of minutes .
      Now I listen more, who knows, maybe they will be back or they will be nesting close to our house.

    1. Mulțumesc frumos!
      A fost o surpriză imensă pentru mine mai ales că am citit pe internet despre ciufi dar nu știam că pe aici poți să vezi așa ceva.
      În momentul în care le tot făceam poze, am avut grijă mai întâi la setări și la încadrare, dar toate crengile de pe lângă ele mi-au dat bătăi de cap.
      Abia seara când am descărcat pozele am văzut cât de amuzantă este pasărea în anumite fotografii, de parcă ar încerca să se ascundă, să se joace cu mine, sau pur și simplu să pară stresată că cineva îi face poze.

      Pe cei de la NYIP îi urmăresc de vreo doi ani…dar momentan nu îmi permit costurile cursurilor. Dar ar fi tare interesant, foarte interesant. Mulțumesc pentru sugestie.

  1. Wow, Cornel! How amazing, and your photos are superb! I have only seen glimpses of long-eared owls, and have certainly never seen them as well as this. I hope they stay around! They are SO beautiful! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!
      I never seen long-eared owls until now so it was even more amazing for me. Each day I try to check the trees around to see if there is an owl but until now – nothing. During some nights I heard some calls but I am not sure if they belong to long-eared owl or to little owls.

  2. So fantastic to see the two owls! You got some wonderful shots also. I have heard owls, but I’ve never been able to photograph one.

  3. Being at the right place,at the right time cannot be taught Cornel. It just happens & one has to be ready to take advantage of it.
    You did very well on this shoot. Love the lights colour!

    1. Thank you very much.
      You have there so many opportunities with eagles, and hummingbirds and seals, and salmons, wow.
      I try my best.
      Have a nice Sunday and good light!

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