The smallest bird of Europe

Ladies and gentlemen
please welcome to the stage the smallest bird of Europe: the Goldcrest (Regulus regulus).
This very special encounter took place a few weeks ago and I must say, it was awesome.

Goldcrestcornell (3)

Three facts about Goldcrest:

* 9 cm in length
* 15 cm wingspan
* 6 g weight (Twenty pence coin weights 5.0 g, one loonie coin weights 6.27 g and Two-cent piece (United States) weights 6.22 g)

Goldcrestcornell (2)An amazing bird!


14 thoughts on “The smallest bird of Europe

  1. Great shots Cornel. After years of trying I got my first ever good shots of goldcrest recently – they’re incredibly difficult to see and to photograph as they’re so tiny and they never stay still for more than a second or two.

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