Many times I watch honey bees. When I was just a kid I was afraid of them, and only their name terrified me. Back then, saying honey bee would mean danger.
When I grow up, I realized how gentle they are if you are gentle with the, too.
I don’t know how gentle are the honey bees from the place where you live, but the one in the picture above ( an Apis mellifera) is very gentle. If a bee is on a flower and you bring your finger very, but very close to the flower and you touch the bee, she will avoid your finger and will continue to collect pollen. Only if you use force and pressure, be sure she will sting you.


12 thoughts on “Golden

  1. ….it is true. As children we would get stung, but only because we ran around barefoot and would step on them as they were trying to get pollen from the clover blossoms. After that, we thought of them as dangerous. However, they really just want to be left alone so they can do their work–work which is so vital to our needs as people. Beautiful photo!

  2. Very true, Cornell – you get what you put in, always. If I find a tired looking bee (usually towards the end of summer) I will give it a bit of sugary water or honey on the end of a teaspoon. 😀 Love your photo – you captured the essence of a warm summer day.

    1. Thank you.

      How nice to help those poor hungry / exhausted honey bees. I usually help them to escape from water. From time to time they try to drink water from some places but end by falling into the water.

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