It is very interesting how we spend our time. We invest a great part of time in things which don’t last in time, and we ignore so many beautiful moments which take place everywhere around us.

We have time for TV shows, but we don’t have one minute to take one photo of our family.

We have time to socialize, to give likes, to write comments but we never say hi to our neighbour…

We have so much time for nothingness… and we forget we will never have some chances again.

It is like a dance.
The dance of some leaves full of thorns.

AprilApCor (2)


10 thoughts on “Dance

  1. …. the photographs are so green! ‘stupid things’ can be useful things, too. Some people listen to music or yes, watch a program because they require a rest from others–some way of calming down, or maybe an argument will happen, or words spoken which are better not spoken. We cannot really know if others are wasting valuable time doing sedentary activities, or if they are depressed or unhappy or just in need of solitude. Of course, anything we do can always be improved on. But these photographs are a very good use of your time because they teach us to take joy in very ordinary things like thorny weeds! 🙂

    1. Green! I love more the blue that is in every green than green itself. But this is another discussion. 🙂
      Sure, you are right, sometimes we need some activities in order to rest or calm down, but so many times we are just wasting precious time. We must be very honest with ourselves and realize when we are wasting time.
      This is tough, though.

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