Old barns

In 2014 I had the opportunity to work somewhere in a remote place, surrounded by mountains, hills, sheep, dogs, flowers and trees. It was amazing. I have taken hundreds of photos of old barns, but I cannot decide what and when to post. All are very close to my soul.

Today I share with you three of them.

Two old barns surrounded by an amazing scenery.


Beautiful foliage. Lovely colours. Tranquility was everywhere.


One of first snowfalls. This white makes such a huge difference.

11 thoughts on “Old barns

    1. Cât am stat eu prin Bucovina am înțeles că 1) cele mai multe căsuțe sunt folosite doar câteva zile pe an, mai ales în timpul cositului. 2) Sunt unii oameni care locuiesc singuri, retrași, de zeci de ani. Sunt înconjurați de animale, se împrietenesc zi de zi cu animalele sălbatice și sunt fericiți. Nu au o viață ușoară, dar cred că au inima voioasă.

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