Let’s start again.

Somehow I am stuck, mentally.
Even if I see many beautiful things, even if I have the camera with me, I am not so interested in taken photos.

And if I do take them, I am even more reluctant in sharing them. Sometimes I spend quite a good amount of time analyzing, editing but I post nothing.

Someone said once: comparison kills creativity. And I think she is right. Maybe I am comparing myself too much with others and I am not taking care enough to my needs.

cornelapostol (11)

I don’t want to be a photographer, I don’t want to sell my photos, I don’t want to be a pro. I just want to be someone who knows how to capture his best moments, someone who takes pictures of his friends, someone who treasure memories for himself and for those around him. Nothing more or less.

cornelapostol (10).JPG

I don’t have the time to study more about gear and composition. I know just a little and maybe this is enough for now.

I will share with you more photos. They are just they are. It is not about colours, it is not about composition, it is all about the freedom of a moment.

Let’s start again.


18 thoughts on “Let’s start again.

  1. I understand your position but when I look at your pictures, I do not compare them with the pictures of others. I look at them as your pictures, of what you have seen and found interesting and as you seem to me (without knowing you in person) to be an interesting and thoughtful person, I find your pictures interesting too. And they often are often very beautiful as well which is a bonus.

  2. Just shoot from the hip – whatever interests you edit to the point you are happy and post. If for no other reason a record of your work. Good luck first and foremost enjoy what you do.

  3. Good job, Cornel! Take pictures for yourself, to remember a precious moment, for your own memories. If you goal is not to market them, then there is no need to compare or worry about what others will think. They are yours, your thoughts, your moments. I once was looking at photos in an antique store, somebody’s babies, parties, special times, and realized that the person that the photos mean most to, is you. So, experiment, record, have fun.

      1. Deloc, acum e si mai putin timpul acordat elaborarii decit la inceputuri. Tot impulsul, clipa, ocazia, norocul 🙂 , stau la baza pozelor mele.
        Nu-mi plac doar fotografiile tale, ci si modul in care le prezinti.

  4. So true, Cornell – the most important thing is that you love what you do, because the joy that you have comes across to everyone else. And you do this without needing to compare or analyse – so believe!

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