For those of you who love snow

cornelapostol (5).JPG


A few thoughts:

  • it was a very warm day here, in the South of Prahova County, Romania. We had no snow and it was very warm during the day.  I know it is concerning but… it was nice to have another ride to church on my bike.
  • even if I post some photos of the season, this doesn’t mean they were all taken now. I have a large database to share with you.
  • I would like to thank you all, for your likes, for your comments, for your nice words and for being part of this blog.
  • Some of my Romanian friends told me a few times my English was bad and had mistakes. Many times I visit your blogs and I write just “Beautiful” or “Amazing” or something like this. I know it is not enough but many times I am so concerned my English it is not good enough for your blogs that I renounce to write long comments. For a while, this is all I can do. I wanted to share this with you.
  • For those who just press the like button, I want to tell you this: unfortunately, I don’t receive a notification for each like I get, so, I don’t know who pressed that button. But I thank you.

6 thoughts on “For those of you who love snow

  1. Each of your photos are beautiful in its own right!

    Be thankful that it’s warm enough to ride your bike to church at Christmas time, believe me, it beats what we’re getting here.

    I wouldn’t worry about what others say about your English, I’ve always been able to understand what you were saying, and I think that most others would say the same thing.

  2. You can say what you like on my blog, Cornell. Your English seems very good to me. For your information, your blog doesn’t offer a like button for me to press. It has sharing buttons but no like button. Perhaps you need to check your settings.

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