Cornelapostol (5)

I cannot fully express my joy I feel when I am watching honey bees collecting pollen.
It is something amazing and humbling, in the same time. Amazing because they have such great skills, and humbling because they are so little but they do so much.
It was a sunny day when I took this photo, the light was amazing.

Cornelapostol (6)

Shapes and textures.

Cornelapostol (7)

But there are a lot of dangers, too. This honey bee was killed by that spider…


6 thoughts on “Purity

    1. To be honest, neither I.
      I don’t use black and white photography very often but from time to time I give it a try.
      Sometimes results are poor, and I delete my attempts, other time they are fine, and I keep them, and other time I find them worthy to be shared with others.
      As you may see, I am experimenting.
      Thank you for your time and for your comment.

  1. Those images are amazing, Cornell. It is sad that the bee was eaten, but from the spider’s point of view, this was a substantial meal. At times it is not easy to reconcile so many different aspects of nature.

    1. Sometimes we can just observe things as they are and do nothing because, as you said, for me it might look tragic but for someone not.

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