Attend to yourself

cornelapostol (1)I totally dislike traveling.

I dislike luggage, I dislike moving from a point to another, I dislike staying in a new place, I dislike returning home…

However, sometimes I endure all of this for some photos like these.

Two years ago I was on a cliff, far away from home, admiring the scenery.
I watched for a few minutes this household. They live alone, into the forest, with no electricity, no comfort, without neighbours, closer to nature, closer to God.

Last year I spent one week in a house like this one, maybe I should write more about this experience.

But, it’s enough for now.

cornelapostol (2)


8 thoughts on “Attend to yourself

    1. It’s a very interesting experience because it helps you in overcoming some fears.
      Thank you for your visit and for your comment.
      Have a beautiful week!

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