Let’s start again.

Somehow I am stuck, mentally.
Even if I see many beautiful things, even if I have the camera with me, I am not so interested in taken photos.

And if I do take them, I am even more reluctant in sharing them. Sometimes I spend quite a good amount of time analyzing, editing but I post nothing.

Someone said once: comparison kills creativity. And I think she is right. Maybe I am comparing myself too much with others and I am not taking care enough to my needs.

cornelapostol (11)

I don’t want to be a photographer, I don’t want to sell my photos, I don’t want to be a pro. I just want to be someone who knows how to capture his best moments, someone who takes pictures of his friends, someone who treasure memories for himself and for those around him. Nothing more or less.

cornelapostol (10).JPG

I don’t have the time to study more about gear and composition. I know just a little and maybe this is enough for now.

I will share with you more photos. They are just they are. It is not about colours, it is not about composition, it is all about the freedom of a moment.

Let’s start again.

Railroad engineers

Preparing for a long journey.


Good morning! |  It’s an interesting story about this photo. It was cold and after I took one or two photos of the railroad station, I wanted to shut down the camera but, in the very last moment, I pressed the shutter without seeing the screen.  It was my favourite photo of that morning. 





Take care, here comes the train!


Three birch brothers.
3,1,2 Three birch trees brothers, one birch tree and two spruce trees brothers and many other brothers hidden in the mist. They are all one big and happy family … until we show up with our chainsaws…



You are beautiful just the way you are. Even if you have lost something of your innate beauty, you are enough, shine on.

A moment to wonder











Give yourself a moment to wonder. We are surrounded by beauty and yet we are too busy to even notice it.

My grandmother was blind for many decades… can you imagine the rest of your life without seeing? The rest of your life without sunsets, without the blue sky, without the green of the leaves, without colours, without movement, without joy? Could you?

You are here because you love images, I am sure, so take your time and observe the beauty around you now, until it’s too late.

Thank you

Apiss mellifera
Apiss mellifera

I say ” welcome” to my new followers.  I hope you will enjoy my photos (or at least some of them).

I am more than happy to reply to your comments, and answer to all of your questions (even if this might take me a while).