Hazel grouse

October 5, 2014, Suceava County


As usually, I meet my best photographic subjects  when I less expect them .

Last year I visited for the first time some woods of Northern Romania. During one of these trips, I was in a car when I noticed right in front of us some birds. I didn’t recognized them so I asked the driver to slow down or even to turn off the car, but she said if she would do that, the birds will fly. So, I tried to take them some photos even if the car was vibrating.

This bird is called: Hazel Grouse.

It is a small bird from grouse family and has under 40 cm length.

Inhabit especially in forest of coniferous.

Its diet consists of buds, fruits, berries, seeds, ants, beetles, caterpillars and other insects.

Female lays up to 12 eggs. Incubation takes  21-25 days .

Unfortunately, hazel grouse may be hunted in season, 15th September – 15th December.

I know these photos aren’t so great but for me they are very important because I am absolutely sure I won’t see  this bird soon.


A storm was coming

Giumalau Mountains, SV
Giumalau Mountains, SV

I was somewhere, on a peak at 1858 meters altitude (around 6095 ft) and the scenery was just amazing for me.

You see, even if I live in a country which has many mountains (we have 14 peaks over 2500 meters, and about 240 peaks over 2000 meters ) until last year I climbed none. But there is enough time for anything.
The speed of the clouds was fantastic. It was like a dance, small and big clouds, turning all around. I didn’t know what to admire, when to take photos and when to watch.
Unfortunately, I didn’t climbed this mountain only by foot… someone took me and my colleagues and drove us for more than 90% of the way.
It wasn’t great to get there so fast and meet people so tired after climbing for many hours. But sometimes you have some chances and you must be grateful.

And another thing, after I returned to my room, I realized I had no moment for myself. All the time I was in  hurry, I was thinking what to capture with my small camera.

And there is a question for myself: when I should take photos and when I should not?
I am still searching an answer but if you have some advice, I would be more than thankful .