After more than half a year


A dried flower surrounded by snow dunes. You might think this is the image of a forgotten dream.



But there is a soft light even on the cold snow.



And there is enough time for an embracing even in the toughest moments.

The focus of my point and shoot camera stopped working properly last year. I was so disappointed by results… Fortunately, I have a large database of photos, so I can choose something and post it from time to time.

After you start taking photos all the time, your eye gets better and better in seeing things, details, moments, feelings. You see it, you frame it and you press the shutter. Many times you feel it just some moments before it even happens.

It was hard to carry a camera which wasn’t able to take good photos. I had to learn something. Nothing happens without a reason.

Lots of chances came…lots of good moments, incredible light, amazing people, amazing sceneries and many other beautiful things. Instead of taking photos, I started to observe them and told myself that now I must learn again just to be there and enjoy the moment. It was hard.

I didn’t tell many people about why I wasn’t taking photos anymore. Some people were so accustomed to call me in order to take photos and did not understand my new attitude. Silence helped a lot.

Yesterday my brother gave me his camera. Him and his family know how passionate I am about taking photos. It’s the same model as my camera but it is not too used.
Today I felt again full of desire to capture some moments, by one hand, but I am afraid of using camera for uninteresting and unimportant things, on the other hand. I keep telling me I must think more than twice before pressing the shutter.

I cannot express enough my joy.

How blessed I am.

Low waters

Prahova River, Prahova, Romania | ISO 100   f/5   1/320 s

Tranquil, peaceful, little waves of low waters…

How to find strength when many things around you aren’t so great?
I don’t know the answer but I would gladly listen it if you will tell me.

I have been ill since Tuesday(Christmas Eve) and my hardest period was Thursday when I ate only three bananas, a bit of cheese and drank alot of tea and water.

I dislike these periods, imagine I’m inside the house for about a week, taking no photos of nature… and it seems I will be inside for a couple of days.

Hope you had a better period.

Have a great week!


New opportunities


Every single day brings to us new opportunities, new ways to discover the nature, to discover ourselves.
A foggy day. Sounds terrible, right? (This is not true for those who live in Scotland, but this is the price they owe for rivers, lakes, sea).

When I started my ride, I was wondering what I was looking for, what were my aims.
I decided to find beauty.

But when your hands freeze to the camera, when the wind is blowing, when it’s cold outside and you are alone where is the beauty?

I strongly believe it’s first in you, and after everywhere you look.

cornel apostol

Stand up and express the beauty inside you!

Have a great week!