Metropolitan Anthony Bloom

Born on 19 June 1914 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated in physics, chemistry and biology. He took his doctorate in medicine at he University of Paris. In 1943 he was tonsured and received the name of Anthony. In 1957 he was consecrated as Bishop. In 2003 resigned as diocesan bishop.

He died on August 4th 2003.

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh was a Metropolitan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.

You may read more about his life here:


“A couple of weeks ago in my address I said that many find it difficult to use the prayer of the Prayer books, that they are beyond them, that they are the prayers of Saints and we are sinners, that there are so many words that we don’t understand and cannot pronounce from all our heart — what shall we do? And I suggested something which I was given by my spiritual Father: if you can’t pray, if you can pray only partly the words of the Saints — pray what you can; but then, if you feel that you are dried out, dead inwardly, make a sign of the cross, kneel down and say, Lord, at the prayers of those who love me, save me — and go to bed; and begin to think: who are those who love me in such a way that I can count on my salvation only on their love for me?..” source

More sermons, talks, images and videos :


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