One reason why I like winter: yellowhammers.


Golden light and golden beauty. 
There is no secret I feed them.






White storks

This year I was very happy to discover a nest of White storks.

I cannot tell you how big was this surprise for me.  If you want to read more why I love White storks, you may read this post.

Here you have a few photos.


I noticed this nest one afternoon when I was riding my bike.



The juveniles were very attentive.














Two personal notes.

First one. My camera is not working properly, there are three years since I took the very first photo using it so I don’t take photos anymore. Three years and 100000+ photos are enough for a point and shoot camera, I guess. The zoom button it’s not working and the photos are not sharp as they used to be. Even if I cannot afford a new camera now, I have enough photos to post for more than one year. The camera is working a bit but I prefer to keep it for the most important moments with my family, when these moments come. But, I must confess you something: many times in the past I was a bit sad because so often I was losing some special moments being busy to capture good photos. Now, I am more aware of the beauty, more aware of the greatness of everything surrounding me. I am in awe for the creation of God.
Now I try to fill my soul with gratitude for what I have, for what I see, for what I am.

Second one. I am reading some blogs, and if you read these lines, there is a big chance to be someone important for me,  a dear blogger whose posts I read. But I feel such a huge pressure because I don’t leave comments. I would like to master better the English language and to be able to write everything I want. I appologize, until that moment, all I can do is to read your posts and from time to time to write a very short comment.

Thank you for reading this post, thank you for taking your time to pay me a visit.






The Yellowhammer

by John Clare (1793-1864)

When shall I see the white thorn leaves agen
And yellowhammers gath’ring the dry bents
By the dyke side on stilly moor or fen
Feathered wi love and natures good intents
Rude is the nest this Architect invents
Rural the place wi cart ruts by dyke side
Dead grass, horse hair and downy headed bents
Tied to dead thistles she doth well provide
Close to a hill o’ ants where cowslips bloom
And shed o’er meadows far their sweet perfume
In early Spring when winds blow chilly cold
The yellowhammer trailing grass will come
To fix a place and choose an early home
With yellow breast and head of solid gold.

Behind snow mounds

X aIMG_4475

Even if they are common birds (well, for me no bird is common but each is special), corn buntings (Emberiza calandra) are among my favorite species.

During winters, they search for seeds amidst snow mounds.

I like those snow flakes on bird’s wings.

I usually show full birds, or at least as many details of a bird as I can, but for this photo you may have to use your imagination.





Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
(Emberiza citrinella)

The Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) is a bird around about 16 centimeters long. The male has brown back and bright yellow head. The female is much duller, and more streaked below. In the photograph above we have a female.

Its diet consists of cereal seeds and some insects.

This bird loves open areas, especially those with small trees. In winter form small flocks.

During winter, this is my favourite bird and during summer bee eater it’s my favourite one!