Fortunately, we live in a place where fog isn’t very present all over the year.
I totally dislike fog because I love light and if there is not enough light I easily get depressed.

But if I have the chance to visit some places where fog is present even during summer, I do take photos of it.


Northern Romania
Northern Romania

New opportunities


Every single day brings to us new opportunities, new ways to discover the nature, to discover ourselves.
A foggy day. Sounds terrible, right? (This is not true for those who live in Scotland, but this is the price they owe for rivers, lakes, sea).

When I started my ride, I was wondering what I was looking for, what were my aims.
I decided to find beauty.

But when your hands freeze to the camera, when the wind is blowing, when it’s cold outside and you are alone where is the beauty?

I strongly believe it’s first in you, and after everywhere you look.

cornel apostol

Stand up and express the beauty inside you!

Have a great week!