Be Grateful


I have a tendency to see almost all the time only the empty part of the glass, and this fuels my fears. It’s something which must stop, but this process of healing requires a great amount of will and time… and patience.

To be honest to yourself it is the biggest gift for you and for those beautiful persons around you.

Lately, I have been exploring ‘small worlds’, ‘microcosmoses’. I started doing this because of a constraint: my camera. This was the glass half empty.
But I am a creative person and there is no limit for your creativity except your fears.

I found this lens.

cornelapostolbug (1)

I was embarrassed only by the thought of posting this image, of my ‘lens’.
But I decided to say “So what? What’s my problem? I take photos using this lens, too, so what?” Now we(me and you) may laugh, there is no problem.

This lens are from a slide projector and sometimes I hold it with my left hand, and other times I use adhesive tape to attach it to my point and shoot camera.

I think spending time in field enlarge your vision, makes you even more creative and, the most important, gives an experience which is invaluable.

Now, I am more grateful for all I have.

I found this little buddy in our garden. Even if it’s little, it’s smarter than you may think.

cornelapostolbug (2)

cornelapostolbug (3)

Be grateful for what you have.

Shooting manual mode?

Shooting manual?  Oh dear, are you kidding me? I can't stop laughing!!!
Shooting manual mode?
Oh dear, are you kidding me?
I can’t stop laughing!!!

Imagine a white man on a field. No, not a snowman but a man dressed in white(using a camouflage) trying to take his first photos using his new camera.

Perhaps for you, dear reader, there is nothing to laugh but for this dog was so funny to see a man standing still for minutes waiting for some birds to come.

Well, yes, that man was me and I have got a new camera. And the dog above is one of those many stray dogs we have in this area. They bark all the time when they see me…Sometimes I hate this, other time I know at least I am not alone there.

What’s my new camera?
I will tell you in the following days!

And yes, the dog has many reasons to laugh, the photo above is not one of my best…unfortunately.