In the field

A beautiful summer day.

It was a hot day and I was walking slowly on a country road.
Rich smells of sunflower, of grass and corn were everywhere.
It is so amazing how much beauty is around us and how many interesting beings.
But, in front of your screen, you will never able to feel the wind bringing the scent of sunflower. In best case, seeing this image you will recall a beautiful moment from the past.

Plumose antennae



This mosquito was standing on a fence, and when he noticed my presence, he started playing Hide and Go Seek with me.

Fortunately, I had enough time for a few shots.

What intrigued me the most at this tiny buzzing insect, was that fluffy looking of its plumose antennae.

I searched a bit on the Internet and I discovered that males have this sort of antennae.

The good news is that males don’t bite, they feed on nectar to get sugar.

Only females need protein to produce eggs, but if there is no blood, they may live happily only with nectar.

I have read some interesting facts about mosquitoes here.