A while ago I read the words of a photographer. He said he takes photos of flight, not of birds.
Somehow, that statement was intriguing for me. What does it mean to take photos of flight? If there is no flying object, there is no flight. So he is not interested in birds, but in the way they are flying.

White stork and House sparrow

I started to think, what do I want to capture when I press the shutter. Is it the bird? Is it its flight? Is it what?

After a while I realized I am interested in bird’s freedom during its flight.
So, for me it is all about its freedom during each flight.

In the field

A beautiful summer day.

It was a hot day and I was walking slowly on a country road.
Rich smells of sunflower, of grass and corn were everywhere.
It is so amazing how much beauty is around us and how many interesting beings.
But, in front of your screen, you will never able to feel the wind bringing the scent of sunflower. In best case, seeing this image you will recall a beautiful moment from the past.



One reason why I like winter: yellowhammers.


Golden light and golden beauty. 
There is no secret I feed them.






New points of view




The scarce swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius)

This photo of the butterfly is taken last year. I was alone on a plain and it was very hot. I was observing some bee eaters in flight when this butterfly appeared. It was standing on a corn leaf. Nothing new here, just a butterfly and a leaf. But I think it is an interesting perspective.



I was enjoying a beautiful walk when I noticed these wild flowers. I wanted a beautiful photo of them but…how to choose the best point of view?  As usually, you need to kneel, you need to get down and get dirty but the effort is paid off.


Railroad engineers

Preparing for a long journey.


Good morning! |  It’s an interesting story about this photo. It was cold and after I took one or two photos of the railroad station, I wanted to shut down the camera but, in the very last moment, I pressed the shutter without seeing the screen.  It was my favourite photo of that morning. 





Take care, here comes the train!


Three birch brothers.
3,1,2 Three birch trees brothers, one birch tree and two spruce trees brothers and many other brothers hidden in the mist. They are all one big and happy family … until we show up with our chainsaws…



You are beautiful just the way you are. Even if you have lost something of your innate beauty, you are enough, shine on.