A thirsty honey bee

Apis mellifera

Imagine a hot summer and thousands of honey bees flying around water sources.

Yes, this one of those thousands of honey bees.

Long Eared owl (Asio otus) – voice of owlet

Long_eared_owl (2)

Do you remember those annoyed long eared owls I photographed a few months ago?

In case you don’t remember, you can read more here.

Long_eared_owl (1)

A few weeks ago I heard some strange sounds in the trees of our garden. I searched on Internet and I discovered these sounds belong to Long Eared owlets.

I think there are three owlets.

I didn’t discover their nest but I heard them many times.

When I heard this for the first time was a bit creepy.

Long_eared_owl (3)Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo of these owlets.

Common Cuckoo chick

Spring’s arrival has many signs, especially plants and birds. For me, the song of cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is one of those signs.

Cuculus canorus (1)

It was and it still is a joy to hear this mysterious bird singing on fields around our house.

I knew cuckoo it is a brood parasite but seemed to me like a fairytale, like something which might not be very true.

Cuculus canorus (2)
A few months ago I watched on YouTube some videos with chicks of cuckoo ejecting eggs of Reed Warbler out of the nest, I watched videos of small birds feeding huge cuckoo chicks and I could not believe it!

Until a few days ago when I was riding my bicycle and suddenly heard a noise, something like a chick begging for food.

Cuculus canorus (6)

I noticed a bird on a wire .

Cuculus canorus (3)

At the beginning, I didn’t recognized it but after a few moments I was sure it was a cuckoo chick.

Cuculus canorus (4)

Cuculus canorus (5)

And I waited to see who is feeding him.

Cuculus canorus (1)
That little bird was feeding this cuckoo. :)

I was amazed to see how such a little bird as a warbler was flying and catching insects and carrying them to its ‘chick’.

Cuculus canorus (7)

Cuckoo doesn’t kill small birds, but sometimes eats eggs and chicks.

To the right or to the left?

White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)
White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)

Look carefully at the photo above and  tell me, please,  where is the head of this bird.

Have a great week-end!

Annoyed long-eared owls

long eared owl CAp (15)

Monday we had some unexpected visitors. During the day I’ve heard something but very silent, like a hoo, hoo, hoo. When I first heard that sound I thought there might be some pigeons outside looking for a place where to build their nest. But when I went out,the sound stopped and I returned to my room. After a couple of hours I heard again hoooo, hoo, hoo, hoo. I went out decided to search more carefully those pigeons. After a few minutes I noticed a tall bird standing on a branch in an apple tree located very close to my room.

long eared owl CAp (7)

I returned quickly  inside the house and I grab my camera hoping to find the bird on the same branch.
It was a long-eared owl (Asio otus).

long eared owl CAp (4)

long eared owl CAp (11)

long eared owl CAp (2)

long eared owl CAp (3)

long eared owl CAp (1)
But my biggest surprise was to notice not a single bird but two!

long eared owl CAp (5)
They let me to come quite close to them but when I tried to walk even closer they became annoyed.

long eared owl CAp (6)long eared owl CAp (8)It was an amazing experience for me.


Some personal remarks

photos (29)

After I started this blog, I was thinking I was on my road to become a profesional photographer. Stats of the blog were blooming, I had many visitors, many views and I started to think I was pretty good.

Vain glory?

photos (6)
‘ Yup, vain glory! ‘


I am afraid it was even more(if there is something ‘even more’).

photos (8)

I started to go on fields, I had many walks and my database of photos was growing, and growing, and really growing…

photos (19)

photos (18)

photos (30)

photos (1)

Many times I was on a field, hidden in a bush and my heart was beating so fast only thinking how good my pictures were and how important was that SD Card inside my camera. I was dreaming how people will like them and press that L-button,and how my stats will bloom, again, day after day.

photos (21)
‘ Really? ‘


Likes? Shares? Pro? Good photos? Great photographer?

WAKE UP, Cornel!

And I got depressed after I woke up.

I was not a pro, my gear was under the standards, my vision was missing, my skills were lacking.

I was not taking good photos. Many times Auto was my first mode. I didn’t know about rules (‘who needs rules nowadays!?’ I was saying to myself…).

photos (20)

photos (31)

I didn’t received so many likes.

I wasn’t taking photos I liked. I tried to copy photos of Pro Photographers who were receiving thousands of likes and many appreciations.

I was sad only thinking how bad photos I take, how stupid I am and so on.

photos (7)

But after a while I understood: the most important thing is to take photos as well as you can, doing all your efforts, and following your own vision.

photos (11)

And so I learned and discovered many things.

I discovered how nice it is to take photos of your family when they are  still with you, not only trying to capture wildlife and say no to family photos.

I was amazed of taking photos of my nephews laughing and playing. It was thrilling to take them photos and it was even more exciting to see them together gathered in front of my computer.

I discovered how some photos taken in various moments  can build new human relationships .

I discovered how well you feel when you get just a blurred photo of a bird after waiting for hours, staying in mud and enduring all the laughs of neighbours, friends, people who thought I was just wasting my time for nothing.

photos (24)

Last two years I have taken photos of all sort of things, from birds to fences, from doors to my dogs’ tails, from roads to trees around houses, from mice to my neighbours, and so on. And many times I thought I was taking photos like a crazy man. And all this until a while ago  when I was far away from home for several months, and guess what helped me? Yes, my huge database full of all sorts of photos.

photos (23)

Now I am reluctant about sharing my photos with others. I see my photos, I try to write a post here but I delete it after a short while because I think it is unworthy to be read and seen by other people. But I would like to post more even if my photos will be blurred, even if here you’ll find photos of fences and tails.

photos (12)

photos (5)

photos (3)

photos (4)And sure, a self-portrait isn’t a bad idea at all.

photos (22)
A sort of self -(nose)- portrait.






Hazel grouse

October 5, 2014, Suceava County


As usually, I meet my best photographic subjects  when I less expect them .

Last year I visited for the first time some woods of Northern Romania. During one of these trips, I was in a car when I noticed right in front of us some birds. I didn’t recognized them so I asked the driver to slow down or even to turn off the car, but she said if she would do that, the birds will fly. So, I tried to take them some photos even if the car was vibrating.

This bird is called: Hazel Grouse.

It is a small bird from grouse family and has under 40 cm length.

Inhabit especially in forest of coniferous.

Its diet consists of buds, fruits, berries, seeds, ants, beetles, caterpillars and other insects.

Female lays up to 12 eggs. Incubation takes  21-25 days .

Unfortunately, hazel grouse may be hunted in season, 15th September – 15th December.

I know these photos aren’t so great but for me they are very important because I am absolutely sure I won’t see  this bird soon.




Many times you try to capture the beauty around you but you can’t because of light, because of position, because of weather, because of many reasons. Yes,  I know, some of you might say it doesn’t matter the weather, a good photographer is taking good photos no matter how tough are the conditions but for me and my gear, the weather is really important.
When I took this photo, I was inside a car which was moving quite fast on a road full of curves.
I know it isn’t a good photo (technically speaking) but for me it express that pure tranquility of remote places. It is a photo I really like it.

Every single photograph tells a story.


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