A thirsty honey bee

Apis mellifera

Imagine a hot summer and thousands of honey bees flying around water sources.

Yes, this one of those thousands of honey bees.

Annoyed long-eared owls

long eared owl CAp (15)

Monday we had some unexpected visitors. During the day I’ve heard something but very silent, like a hoo, hoo, hoo. When I first heard that sound I thought there might be some pigeons outside looking for a place where to build their nest. But when I went out,the sound stopped and I returned to my room. After a couple of hours I heard again hoooo, hoo, hoo, hoo. I went out decided to search more carefully those pigeons. After a few minutes I noticed a tall bird standing on a branch in an apple tree located very close to my room.

long eared owl CAp (7)

I returned quickly  inside the house and I grab my camera hoping to find the bird on the same branch.
It was a long-eared owl (Asio otus).

long eared owl CAp (4)

long eared owl CAp (11)

long eared owl CAp (2)

long eared owl CAp (3)

long eared owl CAp (1)
But my biggest surprise was to notice not a single bird but two!

long eared owl CAp (5)
They let me to come quite close to them but when I tried to walk even closer they became annoyed.

long eared owl CAp (6)long eared owl CAp (8)It was an amazing experience for me.



SQCornel (2)
Hm, you should clean your lens.


I visited Vatra Dornei city last year. A small city (only 144 sq.km. and around 14.000 inhabitants) well known as spa and ski resort.
It was very interesting to notice how friendly were the squirrels from the central park of this city. Many people offer them nuts. Those squirrels are not afraid of people.
One Sunday I went for a walk and took some photos.

SQCornel (3)
Give me some nuts, please.


SQCornel (4)
Really, do you have some?


SQCornel (6)
Thank you!


SQCornel (5)
I am gonna put it in a safe place for a while.


SQCornel (1)
Do you have some more nuts? :D


Old houses


Last year I had the chance to explore some hills from Suceava County. This county is around 500 km far away from the place I live. It has many hills, mountains and all sort of things I never seen here.

Fortunately, I was alone during some trips. Why am I saying ‘fortunately’? Because so many times, when you are alone you are able to observe more things than when you have company.

Well, these aren’t houses but a sort of shelters for shepherds and their flocks. I think they aren’t used for several years. But I noticed the grass was cut and this makes me sure that someone is coming there from time to time.

The action of time is evident…

Maybe this post isn’t showing beauty but still, this is a part of life and a part of my country and I think this might be interesting for some people.







Old oven.


8 (192)
Two beds and a chair…and a lot of dust.


Door locking system. (1)


Door locking system. (2)


An old recipient made from glass and covered with knitted willow branches (I am not sure if it is willow or another plant).







Another shelter. Almost destroyed.


Another shelter. Interesting binding of wood pieces.


A storm was coming

Giumalau Mountains, SV
Giumalau Mountains, SV

I was somewhere, on a peak at 1858 meters altitude (around 6095 ft) and the scenery was just amazing for me.

You see, even if I live in a country which has many mountains (we have 14 peaks over 2500 meters, and about 240 peaks over 2000 meters ) until last year I climbed none. But there is enough time for anything.
The speed of the clouds was fantastic. It was like a dance, small and big clouds, turning all around. I didn’t know what to admire, when to take photos and when to watch.
Unfortunately, I didn’t climbed this mountain only by foot… someone took me and my colleagues and drove us for more than 90% of the way.
It wasn’t great to get there so fast and meet people so tired after climbing for many hours. But sometimes you have some chances and you must be grateful.

And another thing, after I returned to my room, I realized I had no moment for myself. All the time I was in  hurry, I was thinking what to capture with my small camera.

And there is a question for myself: when I should take photos and when I should not?
I am still searching an answer but if you have some advice, I would be more than thankful .

Unusual things happen

Suceava County, 2014
Suceava County

On September 14th 2014, I was attending a service at an Orthodox Monastery from Northern Romania. When the service was done, I was ready to leave but I noticed something unusual for me: in the yard of the monastery a man was carrying a massive block of wood. Not carrying a big piece of wood is unusual but those signs on it.
I like to think there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason.


CornelApostolSunrise (1)

I am back after a long break. :) Hope all of you are in good health.

I can’t wait to read your posts and see your beautiful images.

Unfortunately, past months (if I am not wrong,  past 8 months) I hadn’t enough free time for blogging.

Thousands of droplets were falling after a bird's take off from a branch.
Thousands of droplets were falling after a bird’s take off from a branch.
One of the most common scenes from past summer: foggy mornings.
One of the most common scenes from past summer: foggy mornings.
Wake up early and enjoy beautiful sceneries full of colours!
Wake up early and enjoy beautiful sceneries full of colours!


An unique mix of clouds, fog, wind and sun.
An unique mix of clouds, fog, wind and sun.


Sometimes even your phone is good enough to capture something special.
Sometimes even your phone is good enough to capture something special.


Early morning. Fog's dance.
Early morning. Fog’s dance.


I would like to read your latest posts. If you are one of those fabulous people I already know, be sure I will pay you a visit in the following days. If you are new here then write me a comment and I will more than glad to see your blog.

Thank you!
Nice to be here again!

A shy guest

Pigeon Cornel Apostol

I have seen many pigeons landing on our barn’s roof for a short while.
Our neighbours have pigeons but they don’t come to us, maybe they have enough place at home.

Pigeon Cornel Apostol 2

Yesterday I noticed a very nice pigeon standing on the roof. Perhaps it was thirsty or hungry, I have no idea. I tried to get close to it and managed a way to take a few photographs.
I really like its eyes.

Every single photograph tells a story.


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