memories Cornell

Days come and go but I must admit some of them are sad. And this is not because I am sad but those around me are too sad, too mad, way too busy with nothingness.

I cannot give any advice. In fact, giving an advice is such a hard thing… Not only you need experience, you also need power to say things out loud. And, so often people don’t need your honest opinion, they want you to validate their options. What can you do more? Just remain silent…

The photo above shows you the garden’s  fence of one of our neighbours. For me, this moment is the perfect expression of melancholy.

I think it’s not a technically good photo but it allows me to fully express my mood. The photo below is similar.



2 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. A photograph is suppose to express how you feel, and I think that the first one is a great expression of melancholy, although it makes me a little sad to know that you feel that way.

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