White storks

This year I was very happy to discover a nest of White storks.

I cannot tell you how big was this surprise for me.  If you want to read more why I love White storks, you may read this post.

Here you have a few photos.


I noticed this nest one afternoon when I was riding my bike.



The juveniles were very attentive.














Two personal notes.

First one. My camera is not working properly, there are three years since I took the very first photo using it so I don’t take photos anymore. Three years and 100000+ photos are enough for a point and shoot camera, I guess. The zoom button it’s not working and the photos are not sharp as they used to be. Even if I cannot afford a new camera now, I have enough photos to post for more than one year. The camera is working a bit but I prefer to keep it for the most important moments with my family, when these moments come. But, I must confess you something: many times in the past I was a bit sad because so often I was losing some special moments being busy to capture good photos. Now, I am more aware of the beauty, more aware of the greatness of everything surrounding me. I am in awe for the creation of God.
Now I try to fill my soul with gratitude for what I have, for what I see, for what I am.

Second one. I am reading some blogs, and if you read these lines, there is a big chance to be someone important for me,  a dear blogger whose posts I read. But I feel such a huge pressure because I don’t leave comments. I would like to master better the English language and to be able to write everything I want. I appologize, until that moment, all I can do is to read your posts and from time to time to write a very short comment.

Thank you for reading this post, thank you for taking your time to pay me a visit.



7 thoughts on “White storks

  1. How wonderful that you’ve found storks again! I hope they will stay a while. Do save your camera for your family. Those are the pictures that will have very special meaning for many years to come.
    You shouldn’t worry too much about your English. I have no trouble understanding you. Bloggers don’t always use the best English, either. And they generally love getting comments.
    I always look forward to your posts. I hope you find a way to get a new camera.

    1. The storks are gone now. They left our country (Romania) in August and now they are in Africa.
      I hope they have traveled safe.
      Many times I clicked on your Gravatar profile but there is no web address, do you have a blog?

      1. Thanks, Cornell, but I don’t have a blog. I was born to English, but have always struggled with words. (When I was in school I was much better with numbers.) I have signed up on the site only so I can put in a picture I like. 🙂

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