A while ago I read the words of a photographer. He said he takes photos of flight, not of birds.
Somehow, that statement was intriguing for me. What does it mean to take photos of flight? If there is no flying object, there is no flight. So he is not interested in birds, but in the way they are flying.

White stork and House sparrow

I started to think, what do I want to capture when I press the shutter. Is it the bird? Is it its flight? Is it what?

After a while I realized I am interested in bird’s freedom during its flight.
So, for me it is all about its freedom during each flight.


7 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. And how small is the sparrow compared to that stork!!

      Until I got home and edited the photo I did not even noticed the sparrow.
      It was a very nice bonus.

      Thank you.

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      And thank you for all your visits and comments.
      I don’t know why I have to approve all your comments. I have already checked the button for `Comment author must have a previously approved comment` but it seems I have to manually approve all your comments. I am sorry for this.

  1. Photographers say pretentious things sometimes when they are afraid that people don’t take their art seriously. If I looked at his/her pictures of flight, I would probably see a bird.

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